After reading violetbaudelaire's delightful missive about her new vibrator (review that shit!), I went searching on Amazon for my own. On the site I saw something called "Orgasm Enhancement Cream". Is this for real?

Mostly I'm asking because I have been in a serious drought of the sexy times and I want something new to play with. I'm mulling over getting a Lelo Rabbit. My rabbit is fine-not great. I figure before I jump for an expensive masturbatory tool, I'd go for something cheaper that might add a little extra to my solo sexy fun.

So are these "enhancement creams" any good? What do they actually do? Create a burning sensation? A prickly sensation?

And as an added question: has anyone ever used that heating gel/warming lube? Saw that at CVS and thought I'd pose the question to Groupthink.