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TMI Recommendations: Deodorant for Girls Who Can't Use Anti-Perspirants

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If you can't handle antiperspirants and the gross, itchy, flaky, chalky mess that comes with them, put down your weird hippie crystals and rejoice: Nivea makes deodorants for women.


No more will you have to grudgingly use something that smells like Old Spice wrapped in seaweed or a hunk of painful salt rock that promises to let your "natural smell" come through. Nay — this is all of the artificial flowery smell you want with (nearly) the lasting wear of an antiperspirant.

Please do mark that "nearly." I have two: I keep one at home for the initial application and another in my desk for a mid-day check-up. If you can't afford two (but probably you can — they're reasonably-priced), then just keep it in your bag.


But you also won't have to deal with painful, chapped under-arms (thanks, Jason in "Apricot") or sweaters that need to be burned after one wear because your beautiful natural woman stink managed to permeate them in some unholy way.

Anyway. Nivea Sheer Comfort: a lifesaver for delicate ladypits.

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