Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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TMI Thursday!

Hosted by y'all's favorite oversharing redhead — Sorcia MacNasty! In this post yesterday, as well as this one, I noticed how much we all simply enjoyed sharing the various horrible things happening to us! I'd like to make this a regular weekly post. Every Thursday, we shall gird our loins and give way too much info with abandon! It will be cathartic! It will be disgusting! It will be GLORIOUS.



The Rules:

1) Nothing is too gross. Really. Semen, poop, the Santorumy mixture of both, whatever. We are foul, foul people. EMBRACE IT.


2) Consider including a trigger warning, particularly if you're one of those sickos who wants to include photographic evidence (this had better be all of you... I fucking love pictures). Also, "NSFW" would be helpful.

3) Should go without saying, but: NO JUDGEMENT. I mean it, damnit. Play nice or get out of the sandbox, children. Mama MacNasty has no patience for judgey macjudgersons.


4) I will select the most gruesome posts from your comments below and edit this each week to include them. FIGHT FOR MY LOVE, CHILDREN!

5) Have fun!!

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