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TMI Thursday

Seriously, people, I feel like the grossest gross person who ever grossly grossed.

This involves a years old pimple and labia.

(sorry, but I need advice if this has ever happened to anyone else.)

(so very sorry)

(very, very sorry)

This story begins in winter of 2006. I was experimenting with depilatory creams around the vag area. I thought that since I had my very own apt for the first time, I could get all sexy and bring boys home.


Well, boys didn't happen. But ingrowns did.

There was one spot in particular that never went away, but I didn't worry about it for 2 reasons. 1) no insurance to see an obgyn and 2) no sexual activity, so not worried about it being genital warts, etc.


Fast forward to recent past. Now I have a boyfriend, and we are having sexytimes (YAY!!!).

I noticed that ingrown spot was bigger than it used to be earlier this week. Now, I have also lost about 25 lbs this year, so areas are casually visible that weren't before. checked it by feel for years, and it had seemed consistent). I was contemplating what to do to try to use to reduce the size. So I've been carefully swiping it with the exfoliating acid pads I use on my face. Just that spot - not any other skin down there.


GROSS PART. Last night I got all acrobatic with the bathroom mirror and a hand mirror and realized it was a ginormous zit or cyst or something zit-like with a head. So I pressed and prodded and popped. (I'm a picker, no shame in admitting it)

So now I am left feeling like I had such bad ladyparts hygiene that I had a mother-fucking zit on my labia for 8 GODDAMN YEARS. How fucking gross is that?!?!


And I had to keep working on it, because OF COURSE LIKE ALL ASSHOLE BAD ZITS not everything came out in the time I worked on it between midnight and 1 am.

Aside from hot baths and compresses, any other suggestions.

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