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TMI Thursday: Cystic Acne and Clarisonic

I bought a Clarisonic (the big one, not the Mia) back in October. I'd been wanting one for a really long time, and since my families gave me birthday money, I decided it was time. I'd read tons of reviews, and the ones that gave me pause were the people with -you guessed it- cystic acne, but I bought it anyway.

Since cystic acne is a below-the-surface internal issue, and not an open pore/above-the-skin problem, it hasn't done anything to help my cysts. It makes it a lot easier to purge my blackheads and shallow whiteheads, but the cysts remain. The only thing that has helped them thus far is sweating, but have I gotten my ass to the gym frequently enough to make a real difference?

So I'm calling upon my GT friends to help me make the decision: Do I stick with the Clarisonic and try some different cleansers with it to find something that will work, or do I get my $225 back and blow that on other beauty junk that may or may not help?


Also, anybody have any luck with other cystic acne therapies? I probably should just go on hormonal BC given my other hormone issues, and I've tried OCM but I used olive oil and it did not help at all.

Thanks GT!

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