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TMI Thursday: Sexsomnia?

TW: unconscious (subconscious?) sexual activity.

Guys, I have been doing the weirdest things lately, and I find it both amusing and unnerving. Let me preface this with some serious info on Mr. Farce: he deeply respects me, women, and sex, and was once raped himself. He would never intentionally take advantage of me.

So I have, for the last few weeks, been initiating sex with Mr. Farce while I'm still asleep. In the middle of the night. He, of course, can't tell I'm actually sleeping because it's dark and I apparently talk to him. This has happened five times in two weeks. I have (so far) always awoken before things get serious, and sometimes I go with it and sometimes I am just like, "Wait, what? I'm way too tired for sex." Mr. Farce is as amused/concerned as I am, since he's a willing participant in these nocturnal activities and doesn't want to be making the sex with me while I'm not fully aware of the sexing.


Anyway, apparently sexsomnia is a real thing, but the info I've found indicates that many people who experience it also use drugs. I do not use drugs, they make me feel icky. In fact, I barely take Advil. I do drink frequently, as it's part of my job, but I pretty much only get drunk on the odd weekend/GroupDrink. Historically, I'm a light sleeper. I only ever talked in my sleep - no sleepwalking, night terrors, etc.

On the one hand, this bizarre behavior has done wonders for our relationship as we have typically been too tired/busy/stressed lately to even consider sex. On the other hand, we both find my unconscious sexiness extremely odd and honestly, I'm a bit embarrassed about it.

Has anyone else ever experienced this? Thoughts? Ideas?

It is, for now, pretty funny. But the other side of it is I'm bloody tired!

Not that I think it would be, but please no mainpage!

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