Aaaand, we're back! As promised, here are your terrible, terrible stories of TMI experiences, arranged (loosely) according to, er, topic.

Poop! Glorious Poop!

Alter_Ego, Fa LaLaDaDi, and This Dame Bakes for Yule, share vividly terrible, even passive-aggressive poo stories, including one about magnets. Oh, and cashews. Thanks for ruining that delicious treat for me, PuffytheUmpireLayer.

Bonus Points: Period story AND poo story! In one! Well-done, Yeahhhno!


Vagina! Vagina! Vagina!

Speaking of vaginas (aren't we always around here?), here are some of the more terrible things we've put our lady business through lately:

Pez the Destroyer's vagina was being an asshole. Although IvyLeaf's gave her a case of 7 Month Itch, so I am not sure who wins this round…


Ruby_de_la_Booby has ruined steak sauce for all of us. Carry on.


Assorted Other Horrors:

BarelyLethal should so NOT be at work today. Jesus.


What IS THIS NIGHTMARE FUEL, ThereWasAStarofWonder?! TW: Do not read if you love oatmeal.

StudioL has some very stinky cast issues. And will forever, seemingly. Well, at least until February.


Honorable mention goes to VivaciousVicious and her slightly wonky boobs. I expect nastier from you next time, my pet!!


And the winner….

You can be allergic to jizz. Sad but true! AdamAntoinette points out that it can also induce gurgling spurts of diarrhea, too. ALL THE FUN!


Actually, though, you're all winners. You all won plenty of sympathy today. Come back next week, everyone, and we'll do it again!! BRUHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh, and not a single picture?! I am quite disappointed in all of you.