Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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TMI TUESDAY!! Join me in the weirdness!

Thanks to major flooding on 2 highways in St. Louis, my 45 minute commute home took 2 hours! My route didn’t change, but pretty much anyone trying to go to St. Charles or Fenton/Valley Park/etc was fucked.

This gave me ample time to think about things like what to do on GT tonight.

TMI Tuesday! This is about body acne (I guess? I mean, I feel like it could be about small cysts or zits, depending on if you use a different word for face vs. thigh).


So, I’ve been using those little glycolic acid pads on my face every night to help with the exfoliation.

Normally I also run them over my shoulders after my face because I have sunspots forming on my shoulders. Well, lately I decided to use them on my inner thighs instead. Where the upper thigh/inner near groin area/chub rub central skin is.


Seriously, a huge improvement! Turns out that several old ingrown hair bumpie things are getting smaller. And, weirdly enough, it turns out that I have some blackheads on my inner thighs. I’m a zit popper, and this is amazeballs to have zits I can pop with no concern about redness or scarring!

That is my gross discussion for the day. Who else has TMI Tuesday entries?

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