Had a barium enema and imaging today and it was like a roller coaster of having to poop. I had to keep changing positions to move the barium around in my body. A few times they put the table almost straight up and I was basically standing upright. The whole time they are taking pictures of my beautiful insides. The tech turned the monitor so I could see what was happening. It was really strange and kind of surreal. Once the air in my gut went *bloop bloop* and I saw stuff move on the monitor

This is like what I was seeing but it was a live shot not static. This is not me

It was weird to see the barium flowing around and it felt like a game to get it where it needed to go.

And the tech told me that I have a redundant colon. AKA Megacolon, torturous or elongated colon. That means I have extra loops in my bowels that are totally unnecessary. This is more than likely the cause of my IBS symptoms and distended abdomen due to gas retention. Fantastic.

So after my colonoscopy last Monday and this today my bowel adventures are over for at least the next 5 years. Unless I have any kind of problem. Both my grandfather and 1st cousin on my mom’s side had colon cancer so I try to be very “in touch” with my innards.


Also the three techs, that became very familiar with my booty, said I was one of the best patients they ever had. I guess because I wasn’t complaining and was cracking jokes. But they might tell everyone that.