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TMI whining (are we still tagging things inane?)(inane)

Oh look here is another giant cat for anyone who doesn’t want to read slightly gross stuff.

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I cleaned out the litterbox tonight even though I’m not feeling well. I am EXTREMELY smell sensitive, so whenever I clean out the litterbox I shove those child sized wax earplugs up my nose.

Anyway, that wasn’t enough tonight. I could taste the smell and I couldn’t stop cough-gagging and I threw up in the litterbox.
I continued (and continued cough-gagging) and threw up again, but this time it was on the floor. I finished cleaning out the box and went to clean up my throw up and threw up AGAIN because when I get grossed out I gag and sometimes throw up, and I caught some of it in my hand and washed it off in the sink and then threw up more in the sink and then cleaned up the rest of the puke and then threw up more in the sink.
Lots of puking, for no reason because this isn’t a stomach virus - I just can’t control my coughing and gagging when I smell/taste unpleasant smells and when I get grossed out.

I am defective. Pity me. :(
(Good sister is having a baby in close to a month and I have volunteered to help a lot and I don’t know how I’m going to handle his spit up or changing his diapers if this is how I am.)

Interestingly, it was mostly mucus, and I’m not really sure what that means. I have been having a lot of post nasal drip lately. Does mucus like float on the top of your stomach or do I have a lot of it trapped in my throat or what?

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