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I thought first episode was meh.








You knew in episode one Jennifer Beal’s character will work for Ivan the young dying rich guy who wants to know is there anything once we die. She went through a lot of decision making first episode. Oh her son is dead, she had a near death experience and saw a woman with a scarf. This was prior to epiosode one.


Episode two much better. First case of a guy who sees his dead wife. A flaw was the dead wife said she was going to take a bath while he talksed to Beals. Three minutes later tub overflowed. Huge tub. Other then that a good episode. Kyra Sedgwick is the producer and one flaw I find with the doctor is the same flaw with Kyra’s character on The Closer a sense of “no one is smarter then me so out of the way”except slightly more pronounced. Smart, confident, accomplished characters are good but you do not want to in some ways dumb down characters around her nor make it unrealistic. Also the doctors loyal sidekick a young African American male. Ok saw that on The Closer.

I really enjoyed the second episode. I just fear the show isn’t The Closer Deals With Ghosts.

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