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I thought Rizolli and Isles would be replaced with a crime comedy which Rizolli and Isles was. Nope. A very, very depressing show though good.


Letty is the main character. A drug abuser who went to prison for drugs and child endangerment. She is also a thief. She was robbing motel rooms when she overheard a deal for a husband to have his wife killed for 50 grand.

She is played by Michelle Dockery from Downton Abbey. Never watched it I felt watching her like I was watching a young Holly Hunter. I actually wondered if the role of Letty was written with Hunter in mind. Hunter 20 years ago would have been perfect.


I liked Letty but she is the type of character you really never want to meet in person. Something about her seemed very desperate and could betray you easily. Yet she always listens to self help cds and she is trying to do better.

I have not read nor desire to read the Letty stories by Blake Crouch. Has anyone?

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The hitman is Javier. She follows him they go out on a date, she is a recovering alcoholic, drinks and they have sex. He seems manipulative and would not know he was a hit an.


She beats him to the house and try to save the wife. Oh before she meets Javier she meets with her parole officer an odd fellow who seems smitten with her. This is actually the most interesting scene. You got to see her strength and her thinking outside thieving.

Javier is stopped and the wife holds a shotgun. Letty leaves and takes his car and money.


He follows her after. She is trying to overdose herself. She asks him did he kill the wife. He angrily said “Yes I am not a fing junkie” and same answer when asked how he escaped. He totally was humilating her and describing her past in worst ways ever. Last words were “you are now working for me”.

So did anyone watch?

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