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TNT's The Last Ship who watched?



I thought it was fairly good. The novel which I have not read is about a post Nuclear War not disease, at least how I interpreted the Amazon description. Anyone read the novel?


I had two major problems. 1) Five battle helicopters against 4 folks on the ground. The ground covered in snow/ice with no cover. Yet no one on the ground was hit. Really? Russians have that poor aim. 2) A bigger problem. Only those on the ship knew they were going to refuel on the French coast yet as they were about to get there a missile is launched from somewhere and the refuel station is nuked. If I was a captain I would have asked "We were going to get fuel, we are about to arrive when its nuked? Who leaked the info? The doctor and her assistant have a communication could either have said something? Crew member? Are they all trustworthy? Too much to be a coincidence."

Overall not bad. Also is it really that easy to refuel off an ocean liner? Can you really just stick a hose into an ocean liner's fuel tank and suck it out to your tank?

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