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Enjoy skyrocketing crime rates.

Enjoy skyrocketing healthcare costs.

Enjoy worse overcrowding, overpopulation, and all the pollution that comes with those things.


Enjoy rent and houses getting far more expensive than they are now or would have been.

Enjoy basically everything getting more expensive than it is now or would have been.

Enjoy having less or no casual sex at all.

Enjoy your fleshlight.

Enjoy having your life ruined if you knock someone up before you’re ready.

Enjoy having more kids than you wanted or can afford.

Enjoy all the old relatives (who had access to abortion when they were fertile) smugly telling you “You should have kept it in your pants.”


Enjoy always wearing a condom, even if you’re married. Because BC fails, so you gotta be even more careful now.

Enjoy your SO being less willing to have penetrative sex at all.

Enjoy even more pressure on you to have a vasectomy.

Enjoy worrying about your daughter even more than you do now.

Enjoy worrying about your son knocking someone up even more than you do now.

And again, enjoy those child support payments. And if you try to skip out on those, enjoy going to jail.

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