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Welcome To The Bitchery
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To all you extroverts out there: reveal yourselves!

I want to preface this post by saying I am in no way saying anything bad about introverts! Introverts are awesome! I love many of them and I try my best to be respectful of their needs.

...but I'm not one. I'm not the highest of energy extrovert - I love people and am usually down to party, but not usually if it's at the expense of getting enough sleep, fuck that! and I still really like to do things that are usually done alone, like reading and knitting. And I still need time one-on-one with people to feel like we really connected. But I'm still definitely an extrovert.


In recent years there's been a lot of attention paid to introverts: what they're like, what they want, etc. Good, I think this is necessary to even the scales, because extroverts really do have some unfair advantages in the workplace and in this culture in general. But now I feel like the people around me don't really talk about which they are unless they are introverts. So who here is actually extroverted? GreenHunk and I both are, and our average weekends are full of adventures (sometimes Netflix too, don't get me wrong - we're watching Lost right now because I've never seen it). Last weekend we went to karaoke and stayed out until 4am with friends, and the weekend before that we threw a huge paint twister party. Tonight we are going to Muay Thai then meeting people at a bar, and then who knows. What are you extroverts doing this weekend?

ETA I just realized I should add some information that I put in a comment to someone that will make this post make more sense. I grew up in a family of introverts, and also a family of people who truly believed others were out to get them. I had very little social exposure. I grew up afraid to talk to other people but desperately lonely, and I assumed I was an introvert based on the fact that I felt more comfortable with books than people. Turns out, I was actually just socially awkward. I actually love people. So realizing I was an extrovert was, for me, a discovery in the same way that I think introverts often describe realizing they are introverted.

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