Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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To any discouraged Humanities / Liberal Arts folks out there.

If anybody is making fun of the "uselessness" of your chosen area of study, tell them to go fuck themselves with a bargepole. You are developing seriously transferable skills. Like WOAH.

(This message brought to you by very good craft beer and a seriously productive day in which I impressed my boss by doing something that will be very helpful to the business, taking less than fifteen minutes to do it. Because I did something that was natural and practically instinctive to me at this point. He said it would probably have taken him at least two days to get that result. After all the angst about sunk time invested in a "useless" degree, I've been having so many "Well, duh. You mean this isn't dead simple/obvious to others?" moments lately. Except for the fact that Business jargon and Legalese are so much worse than Academic speak. I will never take any people who accuse academic English of being opaque, jargon-laden, and needlessly complex seriously again. Academic language has nothing on the Business and Legal worlds for any of those. )


(ETA: developing or have. I've got a terminal degree. Those transferable skills I mention are highly developed.) :D

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