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To be fair, it's not just men.

Just last weekend me and my BF were walking home from a concert (that we left early, cuz fuck you Dave Pirner, but still mad love for the Meat Puppets). Some group of drunken suburbanites were walking towards us, like a block away. I move to the right, and the BF moves behind me single file like we always do, cuz hey, respect, or some shit. But no, there is this skinny bitch eyeing me up the whole time like “I’mma make her move to the grass cuz I’m so fucking important”. I didn’t move, she barely did and got a whole hip thrust of purse. I wish I had hip checked that bitch, honestly. And I didn’t even realize how aggressive her move was until my BF was like, “I’m so glad you didn’t move for her.” I’m just floored how rude people can be.


What are your experiences with rude walkers?

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