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Hey ya’ll. Firstly, apologies for missing the last two Fuck It Fridays - I was hit with a family emergency which turned out to be okay so all is well now.

It will be back in two days!

Secondly, cat Jezzies - I need some insight about getting a buddy for my QuiQue. He’s about 8 months now and seems like the happiest little guy in the world when I’m with him. He follows me everywhere, as some have seen - happily takes car rides with me - even enjoys outings to PetSmart and our weekend outdoor walks so he can climb trees.


But I feel SO guilty about leaving him home during week days while I work (8-5). Sometimes I have to even stay late. Whenever I do arrive, he’s his happy, floppy self purring and being sweet. But I know he’s young and has loads of energy which I know will eventually settle.

My question is - are some cats okay being alone their whole life? Do they do better with a buddy? I don’t see any reason to get him a buddy other than my own nagging guilt. He is probably the happiest cat I have ever owned and I don’t want to disrupt that world if he is happy as is.



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