So I'm sitting here waiting for my Mom who is visiting and drinking wine (so much wine!). I'm watching "To Catch A Predator: Raw The Unseen Tapes" and I'm just...conflicted. On one hand, wow it is sad and scary and upsetting to watch predators who are meeting children and tweens online for sex. On the other hand, there's something making me uneasy. It's hard to describe because I am so, so morally against these actions and horrified. But there is something about videotaping and projecting these happenings that makes me feel a bit iffy. Chris Hanson is sitting there all morally superior and these men make these horrible excuses and I'm just feeling all kinds of weird. Those who have watched, thoughts? Feelings? I am so confused because somehow this show is making me almost feel some sympathy for pedophiles and that's confusing and strange and I don't know what to make of it.