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A couple weeks ago, I had to break up with someone with whom I was having all the awesome sex I wanted, but none of the emotional connection. In fact, it was the first time I broke up with someone and had NO FEELS WATSOEVER! I feel like I've achieved a whole new level of awesome! I've reached the point at which I can shield myself from the sad feelz post-breakup! YUSSS!

But, as he was my sex partner, I'm now back on the internets to find a new one, only this time, I legitimately would classify "casual sex" as one of my goals. However, I'm hesitant to check that box and here's why:

1) Leftover internalized misogyny - I'm still somewhat afraid of being judged as "that kind of girl." I've overcome a lot of my past tendency to hate on myself for sleeping around, but I'm still slightly anxious about other people's judgement. I still have some work to do to get over this...


2) What if I'm not into the person when I meet him and don't want to have sex with him? Do people meet up for a "casual sex" date expecting sex? I want to hear your thoughts and hear about your experiences!

3) Will my OKCupid inbox EXPLODE from the sheer volume of menz who are "FUCK YEAH CASUAL SEX!" Did anyone who checked the casual sex option receive an obnoxious amount of messages as a result? What were these messages like?

4) Perhaps my biggest fear is...what if I wind up falling for the person and want to date him? I've definitely dealt with this situation in which I wanted more than sex and he didn't, but these were people I met IRL. Do people get pissed off, thinking you lead them on by checking that box?


5) Am I Anxiety Cat? Yes...yes I am...how did you know?

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