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Updated To Condom or Not To Condom

Updated: Wow I learned a lot about this industry and why one should vote no. Thank you. Thanks for educating me and others.

In California there is a ballot measure that would require male porn actors to wear condoms. At first glance I thought “seriously ballot creators have nothing better to do”. Well now I am thinking about it.

From everything I read porn is one of the most self regulated industries for the simple reason of reputation and money. A number of actors getting HIV or Aids in a porn studio and no one will want to work for the studio.


Also there are 50 states I am sure these companies will find potential performers elsewhere. So does LA want to see an industry leave.

Yet it would be more insurance safeguarding employees. We have laws requiring extra protection in lots of other industries to safeguard employees. Is this all that different?

The article mentions am argument against it is that viewers do not want to see condoms. Does this argument really matter? Don’t safeguarding employees matter more then what viewers want?

I could go either way voting on this referendum. I am leaning no. If porn studios think it will be more profitable to do this in another state they will. Porn studios already compete against amateur porn and overseas studios where they do not self regulate. As long as they self regulate and transparent this condom referendum just antagonizes everything. Although with the taxes and high real estate I am surprised these studios remain in LA..


How would you vote?


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