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To crate or not to crate (at night)?

Hi! Already here with a puppy question!

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Here is Hazel baby, with her favorite toy. I don’t even mind that she is destroying my garden.

Here’s my question: the first two nights I had here, she slept in her crate and was fine...she whined at first but then settled down. The third night, she went crazyyyyy barking and crying for almost an hour. I thought she might have to go to the bathroom so I took her out, but she just went to the rug next to my bed and fell asleep through the night. Now shes just been sleeping through the night with no accidents on the rug. My ultimate goal is to have her sleep on that rug in my room so...I don’t really know why I have to have her in crate if shes not having accidents. Some of my friends are telling me she must be in a crate during the night.


For now, she stays in a crate from 9-12 and 1:30-5, during the day, so I don’t see why she has to be in there at night too.

What do you think?

(Puppies are hard work)

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