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I’m hoping that posting my day’s To-Do List here will keep me extra motivated to get it done. We’re having some furnace work done tomorrow, so I reeeeaaaaallllly need to be ready for it, but I am only about 2% motivated. I’d rather read a book in the bathtub with a mug of tea and a bowl of frozen berries....

ANYWAYS, Here is my hopeful To Do list for Today:

Kitchen: Wash/put away all dishes, make pizza, clean up from pizza, prep veggies for the week’s lunches. You know, like you always plan to do, but never *quite* get around to doing?


Bedroom: Put away all of the freaking clothes, already! C’mon! It’s not that hard!

Bathroom: Organize cosmetics. Why do I even have them? I wear makeup roughly twice a year. But if I’m gonna keep ‘em, they should be freaking organized.

Shower: Scrub it down. While showering. Shouldn’t be hard. Just do it. While the conditioner is in your hair is a good time! 

Back Door: Organize the shoes, already. Each person does not need their summer shoes by the door in January, no matter how strange this year’s weather is. Tidy shoes, toss the super gross ones, and clean the floor.


Garage: Just make it so that the work-dudes can move around. That’s all.

Furnace Room: Move everything out so they can work. While you’re at it, consolidate those bins of stuff. You really don’t need all of those huge pine cones. You don’t even decorate with them anymore! And they grow on trees! So you can get more if you want more in the future!!


TV are: vacuum up the popcorn. For Pete’s Sake, do you even know how to eat? Or do you just throw popcorn up in the air and hope some of it comes down in your mouth?

What’s on YOUR to-do list today?

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