I snapped this photograph of my boyfriend while we were on vacation this past weekend. To the photographers out there: you know the feeling you get when you are about to snap a shot that you know will be absolutely beautiful, if it turns out? It's hard to articulate, for me. But the setting, the composition, the colors, light and shadow all meld together in a perfect (to me) way that makes me think, Please, let this photograph look in print the way this looks to me through this lens.

I feel that way about this shot. My boyfriend has been going through some shit, lately, and when I took this I had a really good feeling about it, and when I transferred it to my laptop I almost cried (run-on sentence, FTW). Okay, it's a little heavy-handed on the symbolism.

This is my roundabout, awkward way of saying.... I want to belatedly thank everyone who gave me advice this past month. I'm a little embarrassed because it's been so long that probably no one remembers what I'm even talking about, but anyway, it takes me a long time to process things and to get my head out of my ass.

But thanks, again. It still floors me how much people telling me, "Hey, you can't handle this on your own, and you shouldn't be expected to," helped. Like. Crazy. My boyfriend has sobered up (relatively) and even went back to his job (they need him so bad it's ridiculous). I'm making some headway in convincing him to see a doctor. I'm so relieved I can't even be mad.


Erm, so I don't know how to end this.... I'm just going to blush like crazy and find a pic that is funny.

OH. This sign gives good advice. But it goes against my very nature. Snapped just before I jumped the fence.