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To hell with you minus GTers, my mother, GF and BF

To Hell with you Governor Walker for linking union protesters to ISIS.

To Hell with you ISIS for kidnapping folks this week including about 300 Christians

To Hell with you ISIS for literally destroying history, for destroying knowledge and destroying legacies when you destroyed artifacts in a museum some going back 2000BC.


To Hell with you GOP House Republicans for putting our security on the line due to your hatred of.the undocumented and the president.

To Hell with you telecoms for your support of.deregulating the internet and wanting fast lanes to charge more.

To Hell with you Nature for giving us in the northeast over a hundred inches of snow this winter.

To Hell with you cashier for leaning over and plucking the four ones out of my hand while deciding whether to use the four ones or a five. Wait until I hand over the money not when its slightly out of my wallet.


I feel better now. I have been angry for a while and stewing.

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