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To help understand what people live with in Alabama

A lot of people have been ignored for centuries in that state. Elected officials don’t do shit for them, don’t care about them, wish they would all just shut up and pay their exorbitantly high sales taxes. Alabama is one of those states where property taxes are super low, but they are fucked for revenue so they use sales taxes to get their revenue (4th highest state for sales tax, according to The Tax Foundation. Gas for my car was about 20 cents a gallon higher than Missouri. Faculty had stories of the state senate unplugging the clock at 11:50something PM the day the budget was due because they were out of time to find funds to start the school year.


What I am getting at is for a lot of people, they have zero reason to even bother voting because the last however many decades have been a shitshow of their public servants ignoring them and/or actively working against their best interests. Last year or the year before there was a big hullabaloo about the governor and his mistress. Never mind the shitty public utilities, problems with infrastructure after naturalk disasters, endemic poverty, etc. The moral decay of a governor sleeping around, gasp! The horror!

(the douchebags tag is in reference to the politicians, not the citizens who don’t vote)

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