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To iPod or not to iPod...

I wrote this post a while back and now I'm still not sure what I'm gonna do:

Since I'm leaving my desktop here and don't want to even bother transferring music to my hard drive (even though I plan on deleting many songs from my desktop), I need to do something about this iPod. I really want to keep it because I feel like I want to be able to still upload things on to it; however, I don't know if this iPod is going to become obsolete soon or what and I don't know if it's worth keeping. I can never tell with Apple products and I have a hard time keeping up with what's new nowadays with technology in general.


I don't like the idea of storing any music at all on my hard drive on my laptop (since it's the only computer I'm taking) and it just takes up way too much space considering the amount of music I rack up.

I got the Amazon Cloud idea from Sugarhill that I think I may have to seriously consider. But keeping the iPod itself to maintain the mobility of my music and movies is something I'm still considering and it doesn't seem like the iPad is a good device to store movies on (maybe music but I'm not sure).

Any suggestions regarding any kind of device I may be able to get to store my music, photos, and movies? Is the iPod still the way to go?

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