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To keep from screaming at my family, I put this here

“Cain killed Abel with a rock.” “It’s a heart problem, not a gun problem.”

Fuck this STUPID assertion. When Cain gets a rock that he can throw from over 100 yards away and kill/injure more than 500 people in a matter of minutes, I’ll call for rock regulation. Ditto for using cars, knives, planes, etc. to kill people. All of these have a purpose and design that is NOT killing. And YET we regulate these things, and access to them ALL. THE. TIME. to keep them from being used as weapons.

“It’s my right.”

Fuck this, too. “Bear arms” does not specify that you have the right to ANY weapon you want. And yes, asshat, the legislature and the courts can place limits on your rights.


Add your own ignorant “reasons” for why we can’t take away the guns.


Just admit you like to shoot things. You like to kill things. It makes you feel big, strong, safe, whatever. You like the option to end someone’s/something’s life with efficacy and little effort.

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