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to okc or not to okc . . .

Sweet pickled baby Jesus, what is wrong with me? Am I BORED? Is that why I feel the urge to create a new okc profile not even two weeks after a breakup (from a relationship that lasted two years)??? Or to go out on weekends and visit all the right places?I want to say it's because my romantic side is starved after several months of neglect from my S.O. But gods help me, deep down I know it's just because I want to pick just the right pictures and answer all those stupid questions and browse people like I'm shopping for fucking clothes. I want back in the game, man! Does anyone else enjoy that shit as much as me? And how soon is too soon? I definitely feel like getting back out there is an insult to my ex, who is a lovely person, and who is still very much in a bad way over our parting.


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