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To People Wondering If You've Been Blocked (And Wondering What Blocking Is)

If you create a post, and the post gives you the options of highlights or all replies, then you have not been blocked. If you've been blocked, you only get highlights and then only if you've rec'd a post. Trust me on this one.

And for those who don't know what blocking is, for a brief time this afternoon (US Privilege!) there was a block option on the drop down menu. (That option is now gone, thankfully.) The purpose of the block was to give mods powers to remove people from commenting. It was a power accidentally granted to commenters, like when lightning struck all the chemicals Barry Allen was standing beside and he became the Flash.

As a result of rigorous scientific testing, it was discovered that blocking a person blocked their ability to comment, but not their ability to post. However, it also blocks comments to their post unless the blocked person recs those comments. So, anyone who has commented to me, I can see your comments, but you can't see my replies. But I have been replying. You just can't see it. Because I... I am one of the blocked. We walk among you like normal people, and you can occasionally hear us, but you can't see us. We are spectral visitors, alone in a nightmare landscape. We are wanderers in a Mad Max world, without the funky make-up. We are victims of the blockpocalypse. We went through blockmegeddon.


Though, I have received word I am no longer blocked. Let's test. (UPDATE: Still blocked on GT. Not blocked on Crosstalk or Jez mainpage.)

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