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To Quit or Not To Quit

That is my question today.

I have an awful job. And I have been job searching basically since I started here 3 months ago. I had a really good lead this past week that turned into a REALLY tough rejection because I had started to allow myself to think about turning in my two weeks and getting some space between jobs for christmas with my family... and now I’m facing missing out on most of the christmas plans because I have to be at work surrounded by assholes and bigots. I can’t bear the thought of it.

So last night I started the “what if” conversation with Mr.TenInch, and he has firmly said that he will support me in my decision to leave current job without another one lined up. If I put in my two weeks on Friday, I would get all the time in the world to spend Christmas with all sides of the family, both in Seattle and in Portland. And the way my pay checks currently work, I would continue being paid until mid January, so it wouldn’t be until February rolls around that we’ll be scraping together for rent and such. It’s just really hard to take the plunge knowing I could full well not get another job before my income runs out. His alone is enough to get us by, but just barely. No room for errors.


I am planning to get a fiverr account up and going in the next week or two for calligraphy/hand lettering services, but I doubt that will actually make real money, just an extra $20 here and there.

I’m just not sure at this point, GT. What would you do?

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