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To return or not to return

So I ordered this cute dress from EShakti and it arrived yesterday. It was not what I expected.

In the picture on the website (which is no longer available) it looked like it had sheer shoulders, but then was opaque farther down. The whole thing looked light and airy, and great for a hot day when the air conditioner at work is on the fritz.


It’s airy all right. The whole thing is sheer. So now I have to decide to return it or not. They don’t offer free shipping on returns from Canada, and the last time I returned something to them, it was $16. Undoubtly this would ship for less, since it’s so light (I am contemplating if I could fold it small enough to fit into a large envelope.)

I do like the dress, I just don’t know what I would wear under it if I kept it. Some sort of slip I suppose?

Send it back, or find something to wear under it? What do you think?

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