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All slurs are bad. Racial slurs. Slurs about weight. Slurs about religion. Slurs about gender. Slurs about sexuality. Even slurs about *poor conservative whites in poverty, and that's a hard one for me to admit.

*changed for clarity—sorry about that

The problem with slurs is that not everyone perceives them as slurs.

The problem with slurs is that our culture prioritizes slurs. Some are considered worse than others. By "our culture," I do not mean everyone. By "our culture," I do not mean white everyone. I mean the construct created around social interaction, which prioritizes whites over others, and sometimes, structures different social behaviors into a hierarchy.


Sometimes, in this hierarchy (which should be done away with, by the way), one slur might be given what is commonly known as 'a pass,' while another is not. And this behavior can vary, depending on social class and location of the social class.

Gypsy is one of these slurs. Redskin is another. I'm sure you can think of more.

Let's stop doing that, shall we? How can we stop this behavior? These are my questions. One is, I admit, rhetorical.

What others have I missed? Let's make a list of "acceptable" terminology, and make a plan to kick its ass out of our culture.


Edited to add: I stand corrected. We can kick them out or reclaim them, as has been done by many.

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