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Okay hivemind, I'm looking for thoughts. Over the last couple of years my boot collection has grown, but my snow boot collection has shrunk to zero. All the boots I own now are now are sweet fashion boots, which look cute but are only moderately warm. The last time I had serious snow boots was when I was living in Quebec and then I was wearing them every day. Since moving to New England, there have only been a couple of days where I really really felt like I could have used them, but there have been other days where I felt like it would have been nice to have them. I'm going to Quebec this weekend where we're expecting highs in the single digits and lows in the negative double digits (Fahrenheit!)—but I'm not sure how much time I'll spend outside. If I'm going to get serious winter boots, now .

I was thinking about these:


But I'm worried that they'll be overkill for all but two or three days out of the year.

What do you guys think:

-Is there no such thing as overkill when it's cold outside? Should I just buy them and wear them whenever I feel like it's a little nippy?


-Should I just suck it up, put on thicker socks and power through the five days I'm going to have to deal with the cold?

-Do you have better suggestions for decent, cute, warm boots for 50-70 dollars?

-Any other related or unrelated thoughts you'd like to share?


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