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To the Edge of the Sky Documentary (Kickstarter)

I’ve backed a bunch of projects on kickstarter to date. Mostly movies because I love movies. Plus a few books and other random things because it’s how I like treat myself when I work a bunch of overtime. Someone gets to create something hopefully great and I get to to watch the process while being a small part of it. This project, however, is the first one that’s really personal.

This Kickstarter campaign is raising funds to finish To the Edge of the Sky, a documentary about parents fighting to stop Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy before it kills their sons. New drugs are on the horizon to treat this deadly disease–and many other rare diseases–but the treatments are stalled at the FDA.

We are completing this film as soon as possible to help families across all rare disease communities as they battle to gain access to potentially life-saving drugs.

Imagine if, as a parent, you were destined to outlive your child. Imagine if, after years of watching your child struggle with a rapidly progressing deadly disease, a new drug offered you the hope of halting its progress. What would you do to obtain this drug for your child? What would you do to save your child’s life?

To the Edge of the Sky offers an unflinching portrait of families going through just that, and doing whatever it takes to save their sons’ lives.


Friends of mine from college have a young son with Duchenne MD. Getting this drug accelerated approval by the FDA is extremely important their family. Literally a life and death matter. Awareness is key so if you’re inclined, please spread the word about this film by tweeting or liking or tumbling. If you go to the kickstarter page, there’s a “Share this project” button right under video that will help you do just that. Thank you.

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