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To the Merry Band of Truly Lovely Weirdos, also known as GT (Dad update)

And of course, Thanks to all the wonderful normal folks too!😉

TW, some medical talk ahead!

Thank You Sooooooo much, to all of you who sent encouragement, prayers, and happy thoughts thisaway!


I haven’t had time to thank y’all individually, yet, and don’t want to be late to do it, or miss anyone accidentally, so THANK YOU!!!😉😆😄😊

Dad came through his surgery much better than I expected. The bypasses went smoothly, and—as a few of you know, the man was INCREDIBLY lucky, and somehow, even with those 3 major blockages, had NOT had a heart attack!😨😆

His heart muscles and valves were all “in great shape”, and he’s conscious (Although TIRED!), off the breathing tube, and back to using a c-pap tonight😊

The next (now less than) 24 hours will be the big ones to get through, up in the ICU, but tomorrow, if he continues the way he has throughout, he’ll be released to a less acute ward in the afternoon.


Thanks again for all the support & encouragement, sincerely-it meant a TON to me, and helped SO much!

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