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Your post went poof. I have information for you. My reply:

Every state should have a center for the Agency on Aging (http://www.aoa.acl.gov). It’s a government entity, and can help hook you up with the right people. Since it’s a federal organization, they can help you with dealing with going across state lines.

With my grandmother, they gave us a lawyer who talked us through the options. We could get her to declare her children her guardians. If she wouldn’t do that, then we could get a judge to declare them her guardians after an evaluation process. She agreed to it (mostly because we, um, lied about some tax benefits), so we never went to court.

I strongly advocate, once you get guardianship, moving him to a home near you. It is SUPER FUCKING HARD to deal with someone in assisted living when they’re not close. My grandmother was in a place 1.5 hours away from my mother, because then she’d be ‘closer’ to her other two children. However, one never stopped by, and the other couldn’t leave work without it costing her rent money, so my mother was the one running down from DC once a week.


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