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To the Unsharer ...

By unsharing the gamergate comment, you have proven yourself to be a person who supports death threats and throws in your lot with the MRAs.

Good job!

Also, you know, I have shared my comments exactly ONCE, and that was yesterday when some moron compared women playing games with appropriating culture. I did that, not to shine out my "perfect" comment, fuck that, but because people need to talk to the person who said the dumb stuff, because appropriation of culture is something else, something kind of important.


So, by erasing my comment, you also support racism! Nice. Good to know you are out there supporting all those good things.

EDITED TO ADD: I shared my comment, not for a pile on, but because that discussion about appropriation is very important. If someone begins using that word for, say, discussing playing a game, a discussion needs to take place. The assumption, that it was for a pile on, is pretty cynical. I expect better from the readers here, and I got it. People actually made excellent points that I hope this person listened to. Very few were hostile or "piling on."

I stand by the share, this post, and everything else. Don't like it? Too bad.

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