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I’m making a Fairy Queen costume for Halloween, loosely based on one of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Titania costumes from the 1999 version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (first image).

So, to wing, or not to wing?

  • Fairy costumes don’t always have wings, but wings definitely read “fairy” more than no wings.
  • But wings can be annoying to wear.
  • Making them will probably be fun.
  • Again, annoying to wear and I don’t like costumes that make existing a hassle.

What do you guys think? I was thinking of doing wings like these (second image). It seems like they’d be less obtrusive, although sitting may still be an issue. I’m also not too hot on the idea of having a harness visible and being able to wear a cloak over them is non-negotiable (I like to be able to stay warm on Halloween and am permanently scarred by having to wear a dayglo jacket over my costumes when I was a kid).


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