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Before I go to bed, I want to share my facepalm. Over on the mainpage, Callie wrote a thing about the NYT's trend piece about braids, in which they treat braids as something women are just recently getting into braids. And by women, they clearly mean white women.


At which point all the commenters* said:

Wait, why is this about white women somehow appropriating the braid? I've been putting my hair into two braids since I first read that Laura Ingalls did that to her hair with ribbon.

Yes, black women may have had a longer history of braiding their hair, but as a white woman I have been braiding my hair (whenever it's long enough), for my entire life. So let's not rope all white women into this trendy braid bandwagon business.

I'm pretty sure that plaits are mentioned in Homer's The Odyssey, and you can see plaits on many pieces of ancient art.

White women have been braiding hair just as long as black women have.

And so on and so forth.


*Except some folks, many from the GT delegation, who are chillin' out talking about French braiding. And Medusa, who's talking about RiFF RAFF again.

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