I had such a great day, guys. First, applet and I got to meet up again with napsauce, who is, as you would not be surprised to learn, objectively the best. She was also very accommodating about holding onto Thrashy Baby whilst I re-tied my hippie wrap!

Also, Applet had his first food in a restaurant, sat in a highchair that wasn't his own for the first time, and had his first potatoes! Now every baby gets served a bowl of boiled potatoes in an Austrian cafe by the most Germanic-looking woman ever!

Building company has finally got their act together and has sent the builder to look at the leak in our ceiling so hopefully I won't have to keep spritzing the walls in bleach soon.

It was sunny, it's going to be a beautiful sunset, we went to my favourite yarn store today, my weight has now dropped to a huge milestone and I feel optimistic about continuing to inch down. :)

All in all, very good.