Today can seriously just fuck off. Found out that my scumbag uncle wants to change his life insurance so the money goes to his fucking former mistress (who is the mother of one of his kids who doesn't even speak to her anymore and her kids call my aunt grandma) not my aunt and his wife (that he is still married to) of 42 years? Why hasn't she divorced this fucking waste of space who no joke spends most of his time getting drunk under a tree? I have my issues with my ultra religious aunt who has said some shitty things to me in the past framed around her religious views but not bad enough that I would think she deserves this. Her three sons idolize their father. One maybe sees the light? Ugh.

Also found out that my mom's former girl scout who she has known for almost 20 years, who she gave food, clothes, money, etc to her family whenever they needed that she foolishly cosigned a loan for is not answering her calls or emails about said loans anymore. My mom's former immaculate credit is in the garbage until someone (read: my mom) pays. And when I say, why can't you sue her? She is like, "Well, she doesn't have the money. Even if I sue her, I'm not going to get the money." Awesome. Fuck today. And fuck people. I'm so so so angry.