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Today has been a crap dammit day.

I started feeling the telltale tickle in my throat last night, but passed it off as allergies, since I missed a dose of Claritin the night before. I hardly slept, and woke up with stuffed sinuses and a scratchy throat, and no amount of Dayquil did the trick.

I blame the state fair. Me, Peachy, Mayati, and Edie Beale happened to go on the most-attended day in state fair HISTORY, and stupid me, I didn't drink. Anytime I'm around a big crowd of closely-packed people and I don't have any alcohol, I get sick. My apologies to Mayati, who kept trying to get me to drink hard cider, and I did not listen.

It seemed like a good idea to miss work today, and instead sleep and try to feel better. My morning smoothie was swapped for oatmeal, which, had I been able to taste it, would have been delicious. Don't waste good ingredients on a head cold. :/


Lunch was a prime opportunity to try out Trader Joe's miso ginger broth with some lo mein noodles and a soft boiled egg, but when I went to open the brand-new carton, the foil had already been punctured. In my headcoldy stupor, I briefly considered just using it anyway, but ultimately decided against inviting botulism to the party.

I'm headed for nap #2 now, which I fully expect will be puntuated by fits of coughing, and waking up gasping for air.

If anybody sees my mom, tell her her 32-year-old grown-ass daughter is DYING and in dire need of pampering and chicken soup.

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