Today was supposed to be THE DAY that I finally sat down and worked on my master's project. I have barely looked at it all summer, but yesterday while I was at work I got super motivated. I had today off, zero obligations. IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN.

My plan: eat breakfast, go to the gym, GET SHIT DONE until Mr. Peachy gets home from work (usually around 6-7pm).

Mr. Peachy and I own a duplex and we have new tenants moving in. Today they are supposed to come by to do a walk through, pay rent, and pick up the keys. Initially, I told them I'd be home all day and just told them to text me when they were on their way. Yesterday, I let them know I'd be gone from about 10:30-12:15 and they replied that they were going to come around one.

I got home from the gym at 12:20, quickly cleaned up, got together everything I needed and was ready at 12:55pm. I didn't start working on my paper because it takes me awhile to get in the groove and I thought I'd be interrupted at any minute, so I've just been on GT/Facebook/etc. That was an hour and half ago. The tenants have not showed up or texted. (ETA: They arrived while I was writing the next paragraph, at 2:45pm).

Now, I would still have plenty of time to get work done, except I work for a nanny service and they booked me for a job this afternoon. When they have a "on-call" job, they used to just email everyone on the on-call list and the first person to respond got the job. A few months ago, the switched to just booking you for the job if you are down as being available. There are some pros to this system, but I've kind of been hating it. I'm glad that I'll be making some extra money, but if they had emailed this job out in the morning, I might have decided it would be better for me to stay home and work on my project. There are also times when I'm not sure if I should mark myself down as being unavailable. Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to a friend's birthday party that starts at 7pm. I might not skip the party for a small job, but if something bigger came up, I definitely would take the job instead. And yes, I may have class from 1-2pm on MWF, but maybe I know it's not a big deal to skip it every once and awhile. I'm also not the best at remembering to mark down every single hour I have something going on (the on-call jobs I get are pretty few and far between, so it's not always at the forefront of my mind). I just hate not being able to decide if I want to take a job or not.


Anyway, I have to leave for that job in less than an hour now, so I basically have done nothing all day. I don't know what the point of this post is, I just needed to whine.

TL;DR- I hate waiting for people and I hate my job's new booking system and I hate myself for barely working on my paper all summer. And I hate this paper. I JUST WANT TO GRADUATE AND START MY CAREER ALREADY PLZ THX.