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Today, I Rocked my Presentation Like a BAMF!

It's been such a stressful few months, and today it totally paid off.

I had a presentation today at an international academic conference. I'd been working towards this presentation for 2 years - it was a huge joint meeting that only happens every 5 years and my PhD adviser wanted to unveil our working sensor at this specific conference for years. Not only did I rock it, but people showed up specifically for my 15-min talk and the room was full.

I love working with my adviser, but he's really hard to please. Today he was ecstatic from the positive reaction to our project. I've really needed a win recently, the last few years have been so difficult for various reasons and the last few months getting all the data collected and processed in time for this conference involved lots of long days and sleepless nights worrying. And it all fucking worked out.


Huzzah Groupthink, I'm celebrating by having ice cream for dinner!

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