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Today, I was pushed too far

So this morning after recess, I bring the class in, and behaviour kid grabbed another kid's ball out of the bin and started dribbling it around. The kid who owned the ball asked for it back, and as he is a friend of behaviour kid's, behaviour kid threw the ball across the room towards him. I'm pretty sure he was attempting to get his friend to join in a game of keep away against me.


Anyways, given that I have a couple of feet on the two of them, I easily caught the ball. Then I turned to the friend and asked him if he wanted to go store the ball in the classroom next door for safe keeping. The friend agreed, and went out the door into the hallway to put the ball in that room.

Well, the fact that his buddy was siding with me clearly pissed off behaviour kid. I was standing near the door, but there's a passthrough door between my classroom and the classroom next to us, so he ran over to that door, intending to run through it, and get at the kid with the ball.


However, Behaviour kid has pestered the neighbouring teacher one too many times by running through that door into her classroom, so we routinely lock it. He grabbed the handle, and found it was locked. Which pissed him off further.

So he ran up to me, and punched me repeatedly in the arms and torso.

Now I had just had bloodwork at 7 AM that morning, and the bandaid and cotton swab was entirely visible on my arm. I am very much left with the impression that his punches were being aimed at the bandaid.


Anyways, I called the office, and the VP came and removed him. Twenty minutes later, an Ed Assistant turns up and and informs me that he is sitting in their classroom. I tell her that he was removed, and last I heard he was with the VP. Then about 10 minutes later, he's outside my classroom banging on the door. Shortly after that, the office is paging him. Marvelous.

As soon as lunch time came, and I was free, I sat down, filled in my fifth violent incident report about this kid in the past month, then filled out an office referral form, and went down to the office to present them to the Principal.


He was in a meeting. I went back multiple times over my lunchhour, and he still wasn't free. In the end, I put both forms in his mailbox, and asked the secretary to please relay the message that Behaviour Kid is not welcome in the classroom in the afternoon, and if they intend on sending him back to my room, then they had better start calling supply teachers, because I will be going home.

She promises to do so. I go and fill in my shop steward on the situation.

After recess, the kid runs away from the line, and doesn't come in with the rest of the kids. Something to do with him stealing yet another kid's ball. I don't know. I buzz the office and tell them he didn't come back to class.


Anyways, I have my prep right after lunch, so the Drama teacher has my students. I'm sitting in the corner of the classroom on the computer, when all of a sudden, another Ed Assistant, Behaviour Kid in tow, appears at the door and says that the VP is asking if Behaviour Kid can come to the class for one hour.

I say "No, absolutely not." And I powerwalk down the hall to the talk to the VP. The moment I see him I say to him:

"No, absolutely not. He is not welcome back." I unfold my arm where the bandaid is clearly visible. "I had bloodwork at 7 Am this morning and at 11 AM I had that kid punching me repeatedly in the arm. He is not welcome back."


VP: "Did you fill in a violent incident form?"

Me: "Yes. And I submitted it to the principal."

VP: "Did you submit an office referral form?"

Me: "Yes, I put both forms in the Principal's box."

VP: "I'm sorry, I didn't know. But he has someone with him.'

Me: "It doesn't matter. He is not welcome back. If you want to send him back, you can call a supply teacher, because I will be going home. I've had enough of this."


And I turn on my heel and walk down to my shop steward, and inform him of what has transpired.

I don't care if he has an Ed Assistant with him. He still hauls off and hits kids with absolutely NO provocation even with an Ed Assistant sitting right next to him. He threw a marker at me yesterday when the Ed Assistant was right next to him. The Ed Assistant that they sent to sit with him yesterday said to me "This kid is going to hurt someone." and "Half an hour a day with this kid is nothing."


So they kept the kid in the Special Ed room all afternoon. And no one has spoken another word to me about it.

Four more days with the kids. Five more days until I am free for the summer.

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