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Today I went to a Mormon Temple

I recently learned that non-Mormons are not allowed in Mormon temples - something I find kind of offensive, actually. What, you're afraid your church will burn to the ground when my heathen ass walks through those doors? You want to keep your guide to salvation secret from the rest of us?

Anyway, non-Mormons are only allowed into a Mormon temple during the open house period that precedes the opening of a new temple. Luckily for me, there is one opening next month near me so I went on a tour of one this morning! It was... interesting. I wish we were allowed to take pictures so I could show you all. We had to wear covers over our shoes so we didn't track in anything on the PRISTINE white carpets. Which were also covered with plastic so the normals don't get them dirty before the grand opening. There were literally hundreds of people taking this tour per hour so we were just ushered through from room to room. It all felt very eerie and quite honestly cult-like.

Religious snark aside, I was actually really grateful that they let the public into a place that is clearly very spiritual for a lot of people.


Any of you GTers Mormons? I had a lot of questions about the religion but didn't want to ask them in front of all of those other people

ETA: As I mentioned, I couldn't take pictures, but here are some from google images in case you are interested in knowing what these temples look like on the inside.

A celestial room:


The Baptismal font:


Where marriage ceremonies are held:


Note how white everything is... Just like the people that go there!

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