With two hours to go before I had to leave for my NYC work trip, I got ready to drop the keys off with the pet sitter. I locked the door, remembered I needed something, then tried to unlock my door, only to find that the lock wouldn't turn.

After 30 minutes of fruitless attempts to open the door, I gave up and called locksmiths until I found one who could get out to my place in 30 minutes (the others needed 90 minutes or more).

Shortly after I made that call, I managed to turn the key just right and open the door. I still had the locksmith come out to try and fix the lock (wouldn't turn again after that one in a million chance of unlocking it).

Thanks to that, I went from ahead of schedule to making the car service driver wait 20 minutes while I wrapped things up.

Oh, and despite me rearranging everything so I could be out in the NYC area tonight so that I could start at my client first thing in the morning, I just got word that my client may be closed tomorrow due to the storm. I also just found out this project is in even worse shape than I had feared, so this is going to be a tough one.


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