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We all know that there are lots of folks out in the world—the Antivaxxers—who still believe the debunked theory (propagated by former Doctor, Andrew Wakefield), that vaccines cause autism.

Now, it appears that the venn circles of Hipster & Antivaxxer have begun to overlap, into a group of trendy folk who are not vaccinating their PETS, on the mistaken belief that (somehow?!?!???) vaccinating said pet could cause THEM to become autistic.😑😑😑


The stupidity... it BURNS!!!😒😬😲

So now, NOT ONLY are folks stupid enough to risk their children getting human-spread illnesses, like Measles, Mumps, Rubella, etc.


They’re willing to potentially expose their children to Leptospirosis, Rabies, and other things, out of a misguided fear OF SOMETHING THAT DOES.NOT.HAPPEN!😬😡😠

I GET that autism can be a scary thing. I DO.

And i ALSO get that recieving an autism diagnosis for a child can be, frankly, a giant burden on families financially, time-wise, and emotionally.



And THE DEATH OF A CHILD is NEVER a better thing than having a child who has autism*!!!!!


And, although they don’t SAY it, the actions of folks like the ones in the article imply that they would rather risk their child becoming severely ill or dying, rather than having to deal with a possibly lifelong disorder. Because, let’s face it, when you’re saying “Measles isn’t *that* bad,” what you’re REALLY implying is, “I am willing to risk my child dying, as long as i don’t need to worry about dealing with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).”

And to that end i say, “Autism is NOT *all* bad!”

YES, there ARE hard days, and bad days, and days that leave you emotionally exhausted & crying!!!


But FFS, even the WORST days are a FAR sight better than losing a child because of an illness that was completely preventable and unnecessary!

*Christonabun, i GUARANTEE you that every.single.parent i know who has lost a child, if given a chance to have them back but have them also have severe autism, would do it IN A HEARTBEAT!!! 


Because there is NOTHING more unfair in this world and not much that is more heartrendingly WRONG, than losing your child. It is an upset of the natural order, and always a tragedy.


It IS a disorder, and it ABSOLUTELY can be hard! BUT the child is ALIVE, and good things can and will happen in their days. And those moments can be some of the most beautiful things anyone can bear witness to, i can promise you that!


There is NO comparison.

Absolutely NONE.

And in the cases of children without severe autism, frankly an ASD is simply a difference. It’s no different, at it’s core, than having a child with any other disorder or a disability. 


We’d NEVER imply (in the broad manner folks do when ASD’s are involved,) that a child with something like Leukaemia, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or Epidermolysis Imperfecta, or even something as relatively “simple” as a Cleft Palate or ADHD could never have a life worth living!

But Antivaxxers do it ALL THE TIME in regards to children with Autism, and that is patently WRONG.

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