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Today in Awkward Fluter

The FluterDude and I met when he was dating someone very inappropriate but also in his department at our grad school. I think we probably liked each other right away, but we're both pretty dense and didn't catch on for six or so months.

In the interim, I wanted to be his friend because he's hilarious, so I invited him to a ton of group graduate student gatherings - always with other people - and apparently to his girlfriend's chagrin. (I was working hard on another guy who was decidedly uninterested, so she could've saved her energy.)

When they eventually split, not amicably, through email (because she'd started sleeping with FluterDude's coworker), she started to tell folks at school that I'd ended their relationship. This actually made me more attractive to the guy I was interested in, so I was amused, if indifferent.


Several months later, FluterDude and I got our acts together and many, many years later, we got hitched. She spent the initial year or so groping at him inappropriately and being a general nuisance, but eventfully moved on to just making references to my general home wreckeryness.

I just rounded a corner at our conference to see FluterDude chatting with a lady, giving her a brief hug. I walked over to see what he was up to, realized it was That Ex, and kept walking in an absolute panic. Because I am twelve and I felt awkward.


For what it's worth, they were in a cluster of students, and I'm going to tell him I was afraid she would make a scene. But we know the truth, don't we, GroupThink?

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